Jimmy Deluxe - I

Rs. 20.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 20.00

Product Description:Description: For special point of your Hands, Foot and Body. Use: 5 to 10 minute..

Multiplex Massager Pyramidal

Rs. 210.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 210.00

Product Description : Description : This multiplex massager is based on pyramidal, Acupressure &..

Acu Magnetic Bed Sheet

Rs. 5,999.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 5,999.00

Product Description :Description :This Magnetic Bed incorporates the holistic concept of treating th..

Acu Magnetic Roller - Pointed

Rs. 110.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 110.00

Product Description:Description : Use on the neck, back, legs & hands to relax the muscles, incr..

Acu Magnetic Roller Pyramidal

Rs. 110.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 110.00

DESCRIPTION : Use on the neck, back, legs & hands to relax the muscles, increase the blood circu..

ACU Pakuka Spring Sandle

Rs. 535.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 535.00

Product Description : Description : Star Health Acupressure Spring Action Massage Slippers is design..

Acu Shoe Sole Magnet

Rs. 70.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 70.00

DESCRIPTION:HEALTH WHILE YOU WALK: Enjoy comfort with every step, Shoe-Sole are designed for comfort..

Acu Wonder Roll Magic

Rs. 220.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 220.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:It is made up of Plastic material with blunt points for everybody. Place feet wi..

Acu Wonder Roll Pyramidal

Rs. 200.00 Ex Tax: Rs. 200.00

Product Description : Description : RELAXES YOUR FEET : This is one of the best overall foot ma..

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